Ideal Bitcoin Blocksize

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You might find some of these fields irrelevant. Some of these are just to see theoretical #'s / Avg's / etc.

Some of of these Averages could be guestimations. These averages could very well be correct but might be misleading in reference to median.

Hint: Type in a value if the slider bar doesn't allow your desired value.

Average Capacity of Blocks

100 %

Max Blocksize

(in MB)

Avg Blocktime

(in Minutes)

Blockchain Increase

(Size Per Year in GB)

Unique Bitcoiners

(# of People)

Overall Avg Tx's

(Per Second)

Avg # of Tx's

(Per Person Per Year)

Avg Tx Size

(in Bytes)

Avg # of Tx's

(Per Block)

Max Tx Per Year

(Bitcoin Tx's)

Current Blocksize = 1,000,000 Bytes This divided
by 1024 twice will give you ~.95367 Megabytes.

How minutes are being calculated for year:
(1 year * 365.25 days * 24 hours * 60 minutes)